Briggs & Stratton

This was a team project I did in my second year of high school engineering class. My partner was Adam Quon and he is mainly responsible for pages 4-6 of this project. Our project was to take a 3hp Briggs & Stratton engine and reverse engineer it. It was very challenging and was one of the hardest projects anyone in our class attempted. We took our project to the California State Fair that year and won 2nd place in our division for it. 

I am fully responsible for drawing and dimensioning page 3 of the project and I also drew all and dimensioned a majority of pages 1&2. 

The project was completed in AutoCAD 2010 and took us about 2 months in class. 

block1l block2 flywheel PARTS 1 (pg.4)-Model PARTS 2 (pg.5)-Model PARTS 3 (pg.6)-Model