Dual Cone Combination Turbine

This was a model I entered into the Stratasys Extreme Redesign competition (2015). I ended up placing in my regional division. My design is an improvement on vacuum cleaner and bladeless fan turbines. The concept is that my design takes the standard turbine that those devices use and I added additional fins to the inside. The purpose of those fins it to have more area to compress air with. The inside will generate a higher air pressure than the external blades. This allows the turbine to then spin at slower speeds and generate the same output. Also with my design the turbine could be used in both cases in a fan or a vacuum. As by simply changing the direction of rotation will change the direction of air movement. Another neat feature with my design is it can only be made by means of additive manufacturing. 

Model was created in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot

Turbine turbine 2.1 turbine 2.2IMG_1624