Fusion Fridge

This is my second entry to the Autodesk Design Academy where you can submit a file that complies to their rules then you can get a $250 gift card. So I created this model in Fusion 360 as per their rules. The item had to contain at least 15 different parts. I wanted to continue my theme of Fusion brand household appliances. So I started to sketch some things out. Ultimately ended up deciding to make a fridge. I ended up changing the design of the insert panels a few times as I was making the model. In all this model took me between 12-14hrs to create; and probably another 3-4hrs to render in Keyshot and Photoshop.

I wanted the fridge to have a midcentury modern type of styling to it yet, be a modern fridge in size and features. So I used the same type of panel design as I did on the radio. But on the fridge I brought in some wood trim around the doors to set off the color and give another texture. The idea is the wood could be stained to match kitchen cabinets. Also the insert panels are able to be interchanged to different colors if desired.


fridge blue





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