3D Printed Cummins Engine

This is a AMET club project that I was put in charge of. Cummins Diesel came to us and wanted a scale model of their Genset generator. They wanted to be able to show people how it worked inside. They also wanted us to 3D print the entire model.

So I took this project in and worked with Cummins on getting all the CAD files for the engine. I then started trying to figure out how to scale them and think about how the model would be built. Though off the bat I ran into a problem. I couldn’t find a CAD program that would let me modify the type of files they sent us. After some searching I found PTC Creo which I had to teach to myself in the course of about a week. So I started plugging in files and saving the STL files for printing. This whole time I had to think about how it would all assemble and what parts we wanted cut away.

To assemble the model we ended up using the bolt holes that were already existing on the model. Seeing we didn’t know what bolt we could get to fit we printed them out and then measured the holes and tapped them for the bolts accordingly.

Part of this model is that it was suppose to be functioning. So I had to design an adapter for an electric motor to drive the crankshaft. We used an arduino to control the motor. We also put LEDs in each cylinder and the color of them changes based on which stroke the piston is on.

The future of this project is that the generator still needs to be printed out. Also a web interface to control the engine needs to be developed.

But for now it is an amazing piece to show off 3D printing and I’m quite proud how it turned out.



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