Kitchenette Unit

After a few months in our dorm my roommate and I decided we needed to design a better way to organize our essential dorm appliances. I wanted to make it in a way so it was modular so it can be adjusted based on where I put it. I also wanted to use only 1 sheet of plywood and wanted to use as few screws as possible. So I designed what the individual pieces would look like. Then I laid them out on a 4×8 sheet of plywood. Then I figured out where I could make rip cuts in order to fit the sheet into my tiny car. I then took the individual sheets and used the CNC router on campus to cut out the dxf models that I made in AutoCAD. Though before that I quickly made an assembly of the whole cabinet in Inventor to make sure it all fit correctly before I cut it all out.

It was very nice being able to use the CNC to cut out all those parts with the notches and holes I put in them. Though we did have some troubles initially where the router was cutting on the wrong side of the line in the program. Those problems I later fixed with a jigsaw. Also because I bought cabinet grade plywood I decided to stain it, and because I love bright colors I decided to stain it bright red. All said in done it turned out pretty nice and is proving to be very useful, and it didn’t cost me that much. Plus I got to feel what it was like designing and building furniture like Ikea does.




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