Pachinko Restoration

One of the things I do as a hobby / side business is restore vintage pachinko machines. For those who don’t know what pachinko is it is basically the japanese version of pinball combines with slot machines. You play with little steel balls and if you get into a pocket you then get more balls. In japan you then turn in your balls to receive a prize. You can then take that prize to a building around the corner and “sell” it for money.

The machine pictured above is a 1964 Heiwa Single shot machine that we restored for a customer. We take these machines completely apart, clean everything, and put them back together better than new.

To give you an idea here are some before and after pictures of this machine.


Often these machines are missing parts so we have to then design and fabricate our own to match the rest of the machine. This one in particular was missing quite a few trim pieces which I redesigned in Solidworks and then 3D printed the replacement parts.

Here are a few examples

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