Custom 3D Printed Guitar

This was a project I started working on a while ago back in highschool with a buddy. I always wanted to build a custom guitar for some reason, even though I do not know how to play guitar. But that didn’t stop me. I did lots of research and looking at plans. With the help of my friend we picked out some components and he bounced ideas off of me. Well after all the parts were bought college came around and the project just sat in a box collecting dust. Until now when I finally got some motivation to finish working on it. Well by finish I mean start on it again.

The overall idea ws to build a small and compact body that would house the pickups and all the electronics. Then there would be an outer body that could slide on and off. This way you can change the shape / body style of the guitar by sliding one off and another on. At the time I planned on starting with a Flying V body as when I think of custom guitar that becomes the quintessential image I get in my mind.

It really was no small feat to pack in 2 humbuckers and a standard pickup into such a small package combined with a 5 ways switch, tone, volume knob, and Aux jack. I had to get creative looking for parts that would fit in such small spaces. Such as the wrap around bridge I found where the ends of the wire sit under the bridge and not through the body.

Intially the main body would be made of wood. Which I did start cutting out a test one with a block of pine to check fits. I realized many things I needed to change and went back to the drawing board. Because I got impatient recently and I have a 3D printer laying around not doing much. I decided to print out the main body this time. I had to figure out how to section it up to fit on my printer and how to put the parts together yet still remain strong. I was really afraid of this thing possibly folding in half once the strings were tensioned.

After 20+ hours of printing I finally got the body done. After mounting in the rest of the components everything has been going to plan. Once the strings were tensioned the body did recieve a slight bow to it but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I would have expected. Though granted it is somewhat hard to keep it in tune for long periods of time just due to the material nature. Which is why I will ultimately make this out of wood. But for now I see a few modifications I want to do while I finish printing the rest of the external body.